Fix it Friday #68


365 Day Photo Challenge- Day 4

I dyed my hair red.. Again!

I have been dying my hair since June after not dying it for about 12 years. I must say I absolutely love this color. I had reddish blonde this summer but I’m liking this darker reddish brown a lot more! NOTE TO SELF: Put make up after you dye your hair so you don’t have to cover up your face! Ha! I like it though!

365 Day Photo Challenge- Day 3

Breanna is thinking about what mommy is saying.

Day 3- Mommy and Breby aren’t getting along. Mommy wants Breby to clean her room. Breby wants Mommy to let her play and cause HAVOC! Mommy says no! Breby cries.. I can only imagine how many more of the 365 days will be just like this one…

365 Day Photo Challenge- Day 2

Today I tickle tortured my son. This is really nothing new but it’s not every day I get to take a picture of him while I do it. Now you know why it’s a daily requirement. I get nothing but pure joy looking at his happy face!

Mikey's daily Tickle Torture

365 day Photo a day challenge

I recently heard about a photo challenge that I Heart Faces participates in and I decided to take it! I love photography and I love to take pictures but I do not pick up my camera nearly enough. Most of the time I’m too busy playing mom to grab my camera or I just think my kids haven’t changed enough or they aren’t having a good hair day. I think this will be a challenge for me but I’m going to do my best and if I succeed I can’t wait to see the end results. So here we go, I’m off to start my journey.